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The Barony of Delftwood is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international Medieval recreation society. Members of the SCA gather to hold Feasts, Tournaments, Courts and other events from the Middle Ages. The Barony of Delftwood is located in Syracuse, NY. Within the SCA, Delftwood is a part of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc (Western NY, Western PA, WV), and proud home of the First Queen and King of the new Kingdom, Caryl and Yngvar.

Happening Today in Delftwood:

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Pennsic is upon us!
There is no Thrown Weapons on July 28 or August 4.
Please watch Facebook/Email list for status of Archery on July 28 & August 4.
There is no Fight Practice on July 29 or August 5.
There WILL be A&S on July 30. There WILL NOT be A&S on August 6.

Congratulations to Their Incipiencies, THL Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus and THL Desiderata Drake.

Please note that A&S in July (and after) will take place at Dewitt Community Room. The schedule and directions to the sites are on the A&S Page.


Our Baron Fergus and Baroness Helene
July 9, 2015

To our beloved Delftwood, do we bring joyful greetings:

Today at five in the morning, an intrepid band of Scadians preformed a demo to promote our upcoming demo at the Liverpool Library. The audience was a TV crew with a silly reporter, and that station’s news audience. Delftwood had only eighteen hours to make this happen, and we did so. It was inconvenient for just about everyone due to the hour, and no one can be blamed for not being able to attend. Neither Her Excellency nor I were in attendance. However, there were banners, a fighting list, fencers, artists, heavy fighters, and a solid representation of the Barony. The reporter seemed geographically challenged confusing Delftwood with Westeros, and basically played it off as a game at times, however, his questions allowed Lijsbet to eloquently explain what we did, and how seriously we took it. The reporter’s foolish attempts at fighting allowed Fridrich to show his honor on the field by not pummeling the man into his own “Red Funeral”, and the piece showed our people to be scholars and warriors.

While the piece may not have been as serious or thorough as we might have wanted, it showed us in a good light, and I am very proud of each one of you who attended. You had very little time to plan, contact the Kingdon’s media office, and you each had to do this while the rest of us were sleeping. Lady Catalina and her group deserve a great deal of credit for pulling this together at the last minute. You guys did great. We may grumble at the details, but the truth is that this was a hell of a lot of work in very little time, and a very uncomfortable time as well.

The piece was seen by several of my colleagues and some of my students. It was imperfect, but they are now asking questions about what we do, showing interest in our group. We grow from this, and we shine in a sun of special effects that is bright if not as realistic as we wanted. We shine brightly none the less. Delftwood did this, and our name was spelled out for everyone to know. This is how the fire sparks in someone’s imagination. If they let it grow, they might join us, learn from us, and help us grow. You all showed Delftwood’s spirit today. You have our thanks.

Fergus and Helene. Baron and Baroness of the Barony that Rocks! Our Beloved Delftwood.

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