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The Barony of Delftwood is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international Medieval recreation society. Members of the SCA gather to hold Feasts, Tournaments, Courts and other events from the Middle Ages. The Barony of Delftwood is located in Syracuse, NY. Within the SCA, Delftwood is a part of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc (Western NY, Western PA, WV), and proud home of the First Queen and King of the new Kingdom, Caryl and Yngvar.

Happening Today in Delftwood:



Congratulations to Their Incipiencies, THL Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus and THL Desiderata Drake.

Please note that the July Business meeting will be at the Madison Village Clubhouse and A&S in July (and after) will take place at Dewitt Community Room. The schedule and directions to the sites are on the A&S Page.

There are YMCA Day Camp Demos on July 3 and July 10. Please contact our chatelaine for more information.

Fight Practice on July 15 will be held at the Liverpool Library Demo. The library is located on Tulip Street in Liverpool.

Our Baron Fergus and Baroness Helene

Winter 2014-2015

Greetings unto the Barony of Delftwood! So much has happened since we last wrote.

First, we want to recognize the difficult start to the year we all experienced. We lost two members of our populace, Lord Jarrah and Lord Detrich, and one former member of our populace, Lady Lassfhiorina, in a short span of time. Instead of letting this tear us apart, you all came together and held each other up. This is Delftwood at its best. It is easy to come together in victory, but to hold each other together in a time of tragedy takes great character and strength. We will miss our friends, but we honor them best by remembering the joy they brought to our lives.

Through our grief, we came together in joy as we put on the Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins. We say one of our own, Baroness Othindisa recognized as a member of the order of the Laurel, our Herald Marcus welcomed into the order of the Millrind, and several others recognized for service and skill. We honor all of their achievements and thank them for helping Delftwood to grow and to shine. At that event, we invested our new Baronial Rapier Champion, Heero Himura. We look forward to his growth as a fencer, and we thank Matthew the Wrong for his service this past year.

We also raised a tremendous amount of money for the Baronage dinner this year. We thank Lady Catalina for organizing a fantastic auction to this end. We will be putting calls out for help as we further our plans. Even if you do not attend Pennsic, there may be ways you can help out and help Delftwood look as magnificent as we know she is.

Lastly, as per our policies, we are embarking on the third and final year of our term as your baronage. After much discussion, we have decided not to seek a second consecutive term. In a year it will be time for others to take the coronets, and lead this most excellent barony. We look forward to the changes to come. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that Delftwood has a wonderful populace, and there are many good people who would do an excellent
job. We look forward to a calm and peaceful election.

Yours in Service,
Benedict Fergus atte Mede, and Helene al-Zarqá
Tenth Baronage of Delftwood, the Barony that Rocks!

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