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The Barony of Delftwood is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international Medieval recreation society. Members of the SCA gather to hold Feasts, Tournaments, Courts and other events from the Middle Ages. The Barony of Delftwood is located in Syracuse, NY. Within the SCA, Delftwood is a part of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc (Western NY, Western PA, WV), and proud home of the First Queen and King of the new Kingdom, Caryl and Yngvar.



Thrown Weapons and Archery Practices have been canceled for both Sunday, October 12 and Sunday, October 19.

Fight Practice has a new site — Rockefeller United Methodist Church. Directions are on the Fight Practice page. Also note that Fight Practice is now from 7:00-9:30 pm.

Our Baron Fergus and Baroness Helene

September 2014

Greetings Noble Populous,

We write to you today to thank you for a long and productive season under the turning wheel of the windmill, and the banner of AEthelmearc. As summer draws to a close, we reflect on the good deeds of our people, and the joy and courage we have seen.

As the seasons change, we look now to a new King and Queen on the Thrones of our fair Kingdom. His Majesty Titus, and Her Majesty Anne-Leigh now wear the Sylvan Crowns, and we wish them a peaceful and joyous reign. We thank Count Tindal, and Countess Etain for the service they gave during their time as our Royalty, for leading us into victorious battle, and for the joy they brought to these lands.

A Shoote in the Wildwood was an absolutely fantastic event, Their Majesties Tindal and Etain visited us, and shared our day of skill and camaraderie. In addition, Kingdom Court was visited by the spritely satyr, Pan, and the glorious God Apollo who cursed our heads with the ears of donkeys as a reward for our own promise six months past to never give their Majesties up, nor to let them down. Stories were shared, music was played, many of our people were honored, and the day will certainly stand in our memory as one of delight, and mirth.

While we laughed heartily, we also witnessed great skill with bow, knife, and axe. Aurora of House Hamilton ran an exciting tournament to select our new thrown weapons champion. We thank her for her service, and skill throwing in the Seven Pearls championship, and teaching over the past year. We look forward to investing Lord Ráðúlfr as new thrown weapons champion at Yule. In addition, we saw a challenging archery tournament run by Lord Reinaldr, to show the skill and bravery of our archers. We invested Arsinoë hë kai Antigone Nothou tou kai Philoromaeou Kallinikou (Yes, that all is her name) as our new archery champion. We look forward to her skill and service, and thank Lord Reinaldr for his year shooting for us. Lord Reinaldr also shot in the Seven Pears championship that day on a very difficult range that taught us never to “cast pearls before swine”. We thank Lord Michael Gladwin for running that range, and hope the fiery Dragon-Pig didn’t make off with too many of the king’s swine.

In our court, we gave tokens to many gentles who had earned new authorizations, and shot or threw new Royal Rounds for our Martial Challenge. Announced first at Tournament of the Windmill, we will recognize any of our populous who take on new martial forms and progress through the ranks. We will continue this challenge throughout the year to strengthen Delftwood’s army. Please see the challenge write up later in this issue.

Yours In Service To The Dream
Baron Benedict Fergus atte Mede, and Baroness Helene al-Zarqa’


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